Conference Program

Tuesday 18 March – Thursday 20 March

Opening Plenary Featuring:
The Future of Mobile Communications, Keiji Tachikawa
WCNC 2003 General Chair, President and CEO, NTT DoCoMo, Japan
Tuesday, 18 March, 8:00-9:15
Room 208-210

Wireless Networking: Opportunities and Challenges, Richard D. Gitlin
Vice President, NEC Labs America, USA
Wednesday, 19 March, 8:30-9:15
Room 208-210

WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G: What's Next, Alain Mutricy
Vice President and OMAP Platform General Manager
Texas Instruments - Wireless Business Unit, USA
Thursday, 20 March, 8:30-9:15
Room 208-210

Sunday 16 March and Monday 17 March

T1: Mobile Commerce: Issues, Applications and Technologies

T2: Mobile Ad hoc Networking

T3: Traffic Engineering for 3G/WLAN Networks

T4: CDMA2000 1xEV-DV

T5: The Wireless Mobile Internet - Architectures, Protocols and Services

T6: Coordinated Multiple User Communications

T7: Smart Antennas, Turbo Coding, Space-Time Coding, Adaptive Transceivers, Intelligent Networking and 'all that' for Improved QoS

T8: Advanced Technologies for Real-Time Multi-Dimensional Mobile Communication Channel Simulators and their Related Signal Processing Issues

T9: Mobile VPN and Other Advanced Data Services

T10: Basics of Wireless and Mobile Systems

Business Application and Technical Panel Presentations are now posted.
If the presentation that you are interested in is not on the Web site please email the Panel Organizer.

Monday 17 March – Thursday 20 March

Monday, 17 March, 14:00‚15:30 ‚ Room 208
Enterprise Network Architecture: A Userνs Perspective

Monday, 17 March, 14:00‚15:30 ‚ Room 209
Wireless Networks Security

Monday, 17 March, 16:00‚17:30 ‚ Room 208
Ad Hoc Networks

Monday, 17 March, 16:00‚17:30 ‚ Room 209
Software Defined Radio ‚ An Implementation Perspective

Monday, 17 March, 16:00‚17:30 ‚ Room 210
The Business and Technical Case for Wireless Sensor Networks: Is Homeland Security the Killer App?

Tuesday, 18 March, 9:30‚10:50 ‚ Room 206
The Internet Technology Model Impact Within Wireless Networks

Tuesday, 18 March, 11:10‚12:30 ‚ Room 215
Security and Privacy Implications of Wireless LANs

Tuesday, 18 March, 14:00‚15:30 ‚ Room 206
From 3G to 4G, From Technology to Market

Wednesday, 19 March, 9:30‚10:50 ‚ Room 215
Communications Regulations: Broadband, Wireless and Beyond

Wednesday, 19 March, 11:10‚12:30 ‚ Room 210
Ultra-wideband (UWB) ‚ An overview of the IEEE 802.15 Call For Proposals

Wednesday, 19 March, 14:00‚15:30 ‚ Room 215
3G - Opportunities for Customers, Applications/Infrastructure Providers and Carrier

Thursday, 20 March, 9:30‚12:30 ‚ Room 215
Key Technologies Enabling Success of Wi-Fi Public Access Networks

Thursday, 20 March, 14:00‚17:30 ‚ Room 215
Spectrum Management for Mobile Technologies of the Future

Tuesday 18 March – Thursday 20 March

The WCNC 2003 Technical Program will feature 377 papers encompassing the themes of Physical Layer, Wireless Services and Networks.

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Track 1:
Physical Layer

Track 2:

Track 3: